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Association Officers
FAAGC Officers

FAAGC's organizational business is conducted by a twelve-member Executive Board composed of the elected officers. The officers serve for a term of two years, which starts on July 1.

Office 2003-2005 2005-2007 2007-2009
President Grace Collins Alan Geoghegan
First Vice-President Alan Geoghegan Alan Matienzo
2nd Vice-President Lily Iglesias Mario Viray
Secretary Marj Peña Odessa Brinkman
Treasurer George McNulty George McNulty
Assistant Secretary Amy Charles Edith Alston
Assistant Treasurer Dan Adcock Dan Adcock
Board Members
Merlyn Bajamunde
Rudy Dizon
Charles Goyeneche
Jojo Goyeneche
Rex Santos
Galen Manapat
Keith Seymour
Precy Walker
Cecille Wessinger
Bernadette Yavis

FAAGC Officers

Office 1997-1999 1999-2001 2001-2003
President Nieves McNulty Nieves McNulty Peter Liunoras
First Vice-President Peter Liunoras Grace Collins Tessie De Castro
2nd Vice-President Ofelia Milligan Bill Simmons Tessie Kenerson
Secretary Eloisa de Castro Eloisa de Castro Marj Peña
Assistant Secretary Chari Matias-Bagnal
Racquel Dizon (9/98--6/99)
Edith Alston Lulu Anderson
Treasurer Imelda Go Jon Glenn George McNulty
Assistant Treasurer Rowena Arroyo Joy Clark Polly Pearson
Board Members
Edith Alston
Patrick Baens
Manny Cuaresma
Gene Ellis
Marie Salvador
Helen Alon
Patrick Baens
Fred Balangue
Tessie Kenerson
Roger Lawsin (7/99--6/00)
Ruben Matias-Bagnal
Rudy Dizon
Hector Galang
Alan Geoghegan
Ruben Matias-Bagnal
Diane Phillips

Previous Officers

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