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Fil-Am kid
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Program of Activities

Fil-Am Dancers at Mayfest
The Columbia Fil-Am Association has a continuing program of educational/cultural activities designed to share much-needed information on the Philippines and its cultural heritage with the surrounding communities. The program includes:
    *   a cultural dance troupe which performs Philippine folk dances at community or school events;

    *   a newsletter which features articles on the Philippines and its people, history and culture;

    *   a speakers' bureau for talks or audio-visual presentations;

    *   educational exhibits displaying Philippine arts & crafts, references, and informational posters.
Fil-Am Educational Exhibit at a School Event

Since its formation in 1991, FAAGC has, among others:
    *   mobilized its limited resources to help calamity victims in the Philippines and the U.S.;
    *   participated in major community festivals and events in Columbia and neighboring communities;
    *   been providing cultural mini-shows, educational exhibits and/or audio-visual presentations in schools, churches, and patient-care facilities;
    *   donated much-needed Philippine reference books to area schools and libraries;
    *   started raising funds for a youth scholarship program and a Fil-Am community center;
    *   provided Filipino-Americans and other interested parties, through its cultural presentations and social events,opportunities to share the Filipino heritage and to promote friendship and fellowship.
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